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Reach for the star!

     Since 1981, International Gold Star Inc has been supplying New Yorkers with the finest Eastern European specialty foods. 

Headquartered in Red Hook, Brooklyn, both companies service ethnic Russian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Asian, Kosher and Natural/Organic market segments. Gold Star’s distribution territory covers 46 states, while its own fleet of trucks delivers to as far west as Chicago, Illinois and as far south as the Washington, D.C. metro area. 

Gold start - smoked fish

Dozens of Exclusive Lines and Private Label products adorn the pages of Gold Star’s catalog. Our success does not stop there!   Uncompromising in quality and authenticity to Eastern European traditions, the company is constantly innovating manufacturing processes and product lines. Great emphasis is placed on nutritional qualities and wellness benefits across all product lines.

Gold Star’s mission is to provide its customers with premium quality foods at value-driven prices.  

This goal is attained by relentless sourcing of new products, imported from over a dozen countries and forging long-lasting relationships with domestic and foreign vendors.

Gold Star - Reach for the star!

Premium Ukrainian brands like Veres, Sandora, Sadochok started to be exclusively imported and distributed by Gold Star
Number of active customers became 500+ nationwide. Gold Star also exports to Canada and Central America.
Gold Star is in Walmart Mexico with Solidarnosc (Poland) brand products.
Sam's Club becomes customer of International Gold Star, Inc. in New York and Illinois (Chicago area).
Famous American store chain Stop & Shop became a customer of International Gold Star in addition to 1000+ active custo...


USA Map 


Utilizing its own fleet of trucks, Gold Star delivers daily in the NYC-area, bi-weekly to the Philadelphia-area, and weekly to the Midwest, Maryland, Virginia, and New England.  Gold Star ships to the rest of its distribution territory via customer-designated LTL common carriers.


Gold Star currently services customers in the majority of the continental United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  The company currently has over 1000+ active customers, comprised of full-service distributors, major regional retail chains, independent supermarkets, and Eastern European ethnic stores.  

Some of our customers are :

 American Supermarkets with Russian Food

Gold Star - Trucks


After 30 years in business, Gold Star has established an impressive network of vendors and freight forwarders around the world.  Utilizing this network, the company, regularly imports and distributes its primary product lines to customers nationwide.


Gold Star is the premier Eastern European importer and distributor with an extensive assortment of major brands from this region. The company's product mix spans over ten categories : Fish & Seafood, Caviar, Deli Meats, Dairy, Grocery, Frozen, Beverages, Snacks, Confectionery and Breads.


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